Aug 052012

Who, exactly, is out of touch with average Americans?

Obama says rich man, Mitt Romney, is out of touch with average Americans. But wait a minute, the Obamas Live like royalty! So who exactly is out of touch?

Watch this video to learn about the lavish lifestyle of Barack and Michelle Obama.

Hypocritical? We need a bigger, louder word!

The Obamas Live Like RoyaltyI think it was just a few weeks ago that I saw the Obama Media shills falling over themselves to characterize Ann Romney as an out of touch rich woman.  They showed a photo of her wearing an expensive designer blouse. Really? Well now, that does indeed tell us all we need to know about the Romneys. Are you with me on this? Ann Romney buys expensive clothes! It’s disgusting. Outrageous. Hasn’t anyone told her that she is required to buy her clothes at Walmart or Goodwill or, you know, where we the people buy ours.

But I have a few bothersome little questions for the Obama Media shills. Wasn’t FDR a rich man? Yeah, I know he was because I’m up on this stuff and I even visited his estate in Hyde Park, NY years ago. Yes, he was a very rich man. So why didn’t that bother the media? Oh yes, then there is John F. Kennedy. The Democrats and their media refer to him as JFK. (Ever notice how they like to use initials for their big stars?) Anyway, why didn’t JFK’s millions bother the media? Then of course there is John Kerry. He’s another super rich guy. (They couldn’t use “JFK” for Kerry. It was already taken.) So why didn’t that bother the media? Come to think about it, our richest presidents were all Democrats! Oh, I get it, it doesn’t count if you are a Democrat. Stupid me.

Listen, this is about as pure as hypocrisy can get. Our very first president, George Washington, was one of the richest men in the country. Hmm, wonder where he bought his clothes? Does anyone really think that Franklin Roosevelt or John Kennedy shopped for clothes in bargain basements? Do you think that John Kerry or any other rich people do?  The Obamas certainly don’t and the Romneys should not be expected to either. Would you if you were rich? It’s ridiculous.

This is just one more bogus political trick from Barack Obama. These “rich man” charges that Obama and his henchmen keep throwing at Romney are part of a Marxist style class warfare strategy designed to divide our nation and pit Americans against Americans. It is right out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals, which, by the way, Barack Obama used to teach. It is sad but true: Our president will say and do virtually anything to stay in power. It is not about what is best for our country, it is about Barack Obama and his plan to “transform” America into something entirely different than what has served us so well for 236 years—what has made us the greatest nation in world history.

So every time you hear him or his henchmen attack Mitt Romney for being rich, think of the video you saw here and what you read here. Remember all the rich Democrat presidents and presidential candidates. Remember how Barack and Michelle Obama live. Oh and while I’m at it, did you know that Mitt Romney gave far more to charity than Barack Obama and Joe Biden, combined? Just saying. No, I didn’t get that information from the Obama Media.

What do you think? We want to know.