Aug 042012

The Media Hide The Truth From The Public

Media BiasOne of the most remarkable things that distinguished Election 2008 from all other presidential elections was the media’s blatant policy of hiding the real history and past associations of a presidential candidate.

It is undeniable that if a Republican presidential candidate had even one association with a radical right-wing activist, he or she would not have become the Republican nominee. First, the Republican Party would not have allowed it and, second, the media would have launched a relentless campaign to destroy him or her, politically.

Yet, not only did the Democratic Party nominate a man who for over twenty years almost exclusively surrounded himself with extreme anti-American, radical activists, the American media were as determined to hide this truth from us as they would have been determined to reveal such associations if the candidate were a Republican. We may as well be living in a fascist country in which the media is strictly controlled by the political party in power. The result is the same.

For all who may object to this line of criticism, I can only wonder why. It is fact, not speculation that the media hide Obama associations along with virtually anything negative that could harm his presidency or his bid for reelection. If you think it is unfair or harmful in some way to report all the facts, then I suggest that you do not understand how our political system works. The health of our nation depends on an informed citizenry. Beginning with George Washington, our founders as well many leaders since then have warned of the consequences of an uninformed public. Politicians can manipulate ignorant people but not well informed people.

So the critical importance of an honest, professional media cannot be overstated. We depend on them to honestly and objectively inform us, yet to our detriment, far too many of them are nothing more than agenda-driven propagandists. All Americans should be outraged by this because their dishonesty endangers us all. It cuts into the very fabric of our constitutional republic and weakens the foundational principles upon which the survival of our nation depends. Today, they may favor the Left, yet tomorrow they may lean Right, so do you see the problem?

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