Aug 172012

Who Is Barack Obama?The Obama Miracles

No wonder Barack Obama doesn’t reflect the heart and soul of America

Who is Barack Obama? He’s been our president for almost four years, yet he remains a mystery to even the most astute among us. What little we do know tells us that his life has been extraordinarily different than the lives of typical Americans. To understand this is to understand who Barack Obama is and what he wants to do with America. The following video is not a hit piece. It is honest and forthright. It tells us at least some of the things we would have known four years ago if our media had done their job.

As noted in the video, one of the problems fair and concerned critics of Barack Obama have is a tendency of Obama supporters to accuse them of racism whenever they ask probing questions or mount rational arguments against Mr. Obama. It is an old and despicable tactic of the Left. By tainting the character of their opponents they hope to destroy their credibility and avoid having to confront the real issues. It is possibly the lowest form of political engagement and if we are to have any chance of becoming the best we can be as a nation, we must absolutely reject such tactics.

Of all people, our president should be an open book to us. We, nor the world, can afford to risk giving so much power to anyone who we really don’t know—and we really don’t know Barack Obama. So why did we elect someone we knew virtually nothing about? You can find the answer to that in How Obama Got Elected and The Presidential Election Of 2008. I encourage you to read them because we must not make the same mistakes in 2012 that we made in 2008.

What do you think? We want to know.