Oct 092012

By MacPundit

Big Bird Tells The Truth

Big Bird Tells The TruthIf you watched the debate you will certainly remember Romney’s Big Bird remarks. While explaining how he would reduce unnecessary government spending, he said he would no longer help fund the Public Broadcasting System. He said he likes Big Bird but would cut all spending that was not important enough to borrow money from China to pay for it. He also pointed out that Sesame Street and Big Bird were doing just fine on their own and would continue to do so without taxpayer money. In other words, he made a logical, common sense, grownup proposition.

But the Democrats and the media spun it big time!

Ignoring all the obviously sensible solutions, which Romney clearly enumerated, President Obama, his political machine, and many in the media could not resist their instinctive use of disingenuous, populist demagoguery. The very next day Obama and his minions wasted no time in trying to distract the public from Obama’s pathetic performance. They tried to rename the Presidential Debate to the Big Bird Debate. Among other things, they told their adoring, ignorant followers how cruel Romney was to even consider depriving our children of Big Bird. So I thought it might be fun and instructive to see what it would look like when Big Bird tells the truth.

The liars also accused Romney of lying!

After Governor Romney gave President Obama a lesson in the finer points of serious debating, the President and his propaganda machine wasted no time in telling the world that Romney won because he lied a lot. The problem is, the accusation itself was a lie! But I’ll discuss that in another article. For now, I will merely point out that Barack Obama continues to be perhaps the most dishonest president in U.S. history. Take a look at: Is Obama The Most Dishonest President In History?.

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