Sep 062014

By MacPunditRomney Predictions

Obama’s were wrong.

It seems like everyone is taking another look at Mitt Romney. His popularity is soaring even among many who voted for him only because they were more certain that Obama was the wrong guy than they were that Romney was the right guy.

So what is this all about? Well, it turns out that Mitt is something of a prophet while Barack still doesn’t have a clue. You see, some important Romney predictions and recommendations that were roundly ridiculed by President Obama have since come true—and the recommendations turned out to be very good ones.

Obama’s liberal supporters laughed at any and all Romney predictions and the so-called mainstream media joined in by derisively mocking Romney every chance they got. In case you’re wondering, they are all stone-dead silent on Romney these days.

Here are some of the Romney predictions and recommendations and what has happened since then:

He said that the way Obamacare was designed it would have a negative impact on millions of Americans. Do we really need a detailed account of how destructive it has been so far? Millions have lost the healthcare plans they liked even though President Obama promised that they would be able to keep them.

He predicted that if we pulled all of our troops out of Iraq prematurely, the country would be taken over by terrorists. President Obama dismissed this idea and after he had removed every single one of our troops, he bragged that he had ended the war in Iraq. Incredibly, Vice-President Joe Biden claimed that the stability of Iraq would prove to be one of the Obama Administration’s greatest accomplishments! As I write this, the Islamist terrorist organization, ISIS, has taken over the northern part of Syria and a third of Iraq and they have established a Caliphate—a new Islamic state.

He recommended that our veterans be given vouchers so they could have access to private healthcare. In light of the current VA scandal, his idea would most likely have saved some lives.

And then there was the infamous moment in one of the debates when Mr. Obama ridiculed Mitt Romney for saying that Russia was “our number one geopolitical foe.” Obama was harshly condescending toward Romney, speaking to Romney in a hurtful, personal tone. Obama’s main point was that the Cold War was long over and that anyone who would think that Russia was still a geopolitical foe, is just about the dumbest, most naive human alive. Of course as I write this, Russia has long since annexed Crimea—simply taken it from Ukraine—and earlier this week it has once again invaded Ukraine with thousands of armed troops.

Many Americans now realize that when Mitt Romney lost the election to Obama in 2012, America was the big loser. By all rational standards, Mitt Romney would have made an outstanding President and Commander-in-Chief.

I voted for Mitt Romney because I thought he was the right choice in 2012. Unless something changes, I believe he is the right choice for 2016.