Sep 072012

By MacPundit

Actually, we did, including the bridges and roads!

You didn't build that!“You didn’t build that.” went around the world at light speed. I know, I know, he was talking about bridges and roads. Okay, I’ll give him that. But he may be sorry I did.

You see, there’s a little problem with Mr. Obama’s explanation—the one some of you doubled down on. Now pay attention. After he extolled the importance of bridges and roads, he said:

“If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

He said he meant that businesses can’t succeed without the bridges and roads that the government built. So he was telling us the government built the bridges and roads first and the businesses benefited from that.  He said he was talking about the bridges and roads when he said, “You didn’t build that.” So to be absolutely clear, he said the businesses did not build the bridges and roads.

So there. I said I’d give it to him. Are you still with me? Good. Now I have a couple of inconvenient little questions.

  1. Where did the government get the money to build the bridges and roads?
  2. Who built them?

Do you see the problem with our leader’s explanation? Government does not create wealth. Government has no money until it takes it from the private sector, which, of course, is the only part of our economy that actually does create wealth. The fact is, it creates all the wealth! It also creates all the jobs, feeds all the people, builds all the houses, makes all the clothes—and, yes, it pays for and supplies all the workers to build all the bridges and roads.

How does the private sector do all those things? Well, it is made up of millions of organizations we call “businesses” and these businesses figure out what is needed and then they fill all the needs. They invest their money, their time, their talents, and they hire, train and pay people to do the work. (You did notice that they create jobs?)

Now this is important:

If the businesses did not do all of those things first—before the bridges and roads were built—there would be no money with which to build the bridges and roads.

Are you struggling with this? I realize how difficult it is for some of you to give credit to those awful business people, but unless you’re living in the woods au naturel, those nasty businesses made everything you own. I know, it’s a hard pill to swallow. But it’s true. Go way back in history and you will see small shops in quaint little villages. There were shoemakers and bread makers and furniture makers, and the people walked on and drove their wagons on rutted, bumpy dirt roads. That is, until the villages and towns could get enough money from the businesses and the people who worked for the businesses in order to have proper roads built—and maybe a bridge here and there, too.

Hysteron proteron – Preposterous, absurd, ridiculous

So, you see, our leader has placed the famous cart before the horse. As a Harvard man, he may be familiar with a figure of speech known as hysteron proteron in which the thing that should come second is put first. This sort of misplacement is sometimes referred to as being preposterous, absurd, or ridiculous. Personally, I think any or all of them fit quite nicely.

To summarize: The private sector not only supplies the money to build the bridges and roads, with few exceptions, it also builds the bridges and roads. Typically, the government contracts with private sector companies to do the work. But even when government workers do the work, they are paid with taxpayer money, which has been created in the private sector.

So let’s finish where we began: He was talking about bridges and roads. Okay, I’ll give him that.

Aug 242012

The Romney Obama War On Women

Women are smart, Mr. President. Watch out!

Obama War On Women

92.3 percent of jobs lost under Obama were lost by women!

While Hypocrite-In-Chief Obama fabricates one false charge after another against Mitt Romney, he and the Obama Media hide the devastating consequences Obama’s policies have had on American women. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, between January 2009, when Obama took office, and March 2012, there has been a net decline of 740,000 jobs for both men and women. But (it’s a big BUT) among women there has been a net loss of 683,000 jobs. So 92.3 percent of the jobs lost under Obama were lost by women! Whoa, wait a minute, that can’t be. Obama loves women. He gives them all kinds of free stuff for goodness sake. I mean you don’t give free stuff to someone unless you love them. Right? Or unless you want them to vote for you. Hmm, yeah, there’s that.

The truth is, Obama’s economic flimflam has wreaked havoc on both men and women but it has taken a monumentally disproportionate hit on women. I repeat: 92.3 percent of the jobs lost under Obama have been lost by women! That means only 7.7 percent were lost by men. You can play with the numbers until your head bursts but it won’t change the facts. So did Obama sit down behind his big president desk one day and figure out how to hurt women more than men? I certainly hope not. No, it’s just that his policies happened to hurt women much more than men. But no matter what he had in mind, the net result is that women have suffered enormously under Obama and there is no relief in sight. It’s no wonder women can’t afford to pay for their own birth control pills!

“Romney’s War On Women”

Now, let’s take a look at “Romney’s War On Women.” Oh, we have a little problem: There is none. Come on all you Liberal hard heads, just for a few short minutes I want you to take a deep breath, imagine that Barack Obama is not the Messiah, and use some good old-fashion common sense. Why in the world would Mitt Romney declare a war on women? Come on now. You can do this. It is absurd! It is just as absurd as all the other bogus charges Democrats have made against Mitt Romney. (That he was responsible for a woman’s death for just one example.) Does Romney hold some positions that you don’t share? Of course he does. And Obama holds some positions that millions of other Americans don’t share. That is why we have elections. That is how we do things in America. But what we should not do is make up lies about whoever we disagree with in order to destroy their character for the sake of winning an election. You know, like Obama does.

Romney is Pro-Life. He also supports the de-funding of federal taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood, and government mandated free contraception for women. He doesn’t think it’s right that taxpayers who oppose abortion should have to pay for abortions. Nor does he think it is right that people who oppose the use of contraception should have to pay for others to use it. We should all take personal responsibility for our choices. That philosophy has made the United States the most successful country in human history and if we lose it, we will surely fail.

While you have every right to disagree with Romney’s beliefs, you do not have the right to impose your beliefs on others. Again, that is why we have elections. Furthermore, to disagree with a candidate’s position on an issue should not give anyone a license to mount unfair, dishonest, vicious attacks on that candidate.

Obama the baby killer?

What if Romney called Obama a baby killer for his position on late-term abortions? As an Illinois State Senator, Obama voted repeatedly to defeat a law that would have saved the lives of babies born alive during botched abortions. He did so in spite of at least one case in which a live baby was unceremoniously placed on a towel and allowed to die while distraught nurses in the delivery room were prevented by law from administering life-saving procedures. Of course my point is that even in that factually-based issue, Romney has refrained from exploiting it. Yet Obama never misses an opportunity to viciously attack Romney with wholly fabricated charges. It is despicable.

The Obama Administration Mistreats Women: Wage disparity and much more …

Now, let’s look at a few more examples of the Obama War On Women. Records show that female employees in the Obama White House make considerably less than their male colleagues. What? Where do I get this stuff? Glad I asked. According to the 2011 annual report on White House staff, female employees earned a median annual salary of $60,000, which was about 18 percent less than the median salary for male employees, which was $71,000. Oh me and my facts. Yeah, I know. But it gets worse. Even though Obama White House women earn considerably less than their male counterparts, the Obama campaign trashed Mitt Romney for his failure to immediately endorse the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act, which extended the time in which women could file lawsuits against employers that discriminate against women on equal pay. To be perfectly clear for all you Liberal diehards: Romney is for (NOT AGAINST) equal pay for women. But the real question is: Did any female employees at the White House file lawsuits under the Ledbetter Act, and if not, why not?

There’s more

Former Obama Economic Advisor, Christina Romer, “I felt like a piece of meat.” (working in the Obama White House”)

“Even when women are in the room with Obama, they are sometimes seen but not heard.” Time Magazine

“… Obama himself is responsible for a work atmosphere that marginalizes and ignores women.” Time Magazine

“The president has a real woman problem.” Reported in book by Nia-Malika Henderson, Women In Obama White House Felt Excluded And Ignored

Alright, if you insist, I’ll throw in one more: Former Obama White House Communications Director, Anita Dunn, described attitudes in the White House as fitting

“… all of the classic legal requirements for a genuinely hostile workplace to women.” – and “This place would be in court for a hostile workplace.”

So how is Obama doing with the female vote? He is not doing great with married women and women with children but he is winning with young single women. But let’s be clear: Women are smart and if the media starts to do their job and they tell the truth, even the young women will change their minds about Barack Obama. After all, he is hurting them right now and under his policies, their future’s don’t look bright at all. The majority of married women and mothers have already figured it out and it is just a matter of time before the young single women do the same—at least for their sake, I hope so.

Rosie The Riveter

It’s a hard pill to swallow

There, there. I know this has given you Liberals a migraine. It is because your brains are overloading trying to compute this horribly dissonant information. Not to worry. There is a cure. As foreign as it may sound to you, it is really quite simple: Just open your minds to new, honest information. One of our presidents rightfully cautioned that, “The nine scariest words are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.'” Thomas Jefferson said, “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.”

While President Obama tells you that he is your guardian angel, his treatment of women in his own administration is deplorable and his economic policies have wreaked havoc on women in particular. Those are incontrovertible facts. You are being conned! Barack Obama is not in love with women, he is in love with the female vote. Ignore the facts at your own peril.

Personal responsibility is at the heart of American greatness

Learn to respect the rights of other people with whom you disagree. Accept the idea that you cannot always get your way and that other American citizens should not have to pay for free stuff for which you, yourselves, as adults, should be responsible. They aren’t asking you to pay for their stuff so don’t ask them to pay for your stuff.

To Liberals: You have read the facts. Now it’s time to take action. Call the White House, your congressional representatives, and the Obama Media and demand that President Obama end his War On Women. No, I will not hold my breath, but thank you for asking.

Aug 202012

Big Government Destroys Nations

By MacPundit

Big GovernmentThe Five Truths

  1. Human beings are corruptible.
  2. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
  3. The more power a government has, the more corrupt it becomes.
  4. The more corrupt government is, the more the people in government (the ones with the power) will make laws and regulations to maintain and extend their power over we the people. To do so, they will favor those who support them over those who do not. Think of “favoritism” and “special interest groups.” This is corrupt.
  5. The more power government has over us, the less freedom we have—less freedom to make our own life decisions to decide for ourselves what we think is best for us. Less freedom to speak out against the government. Less religious freedom. Less freedom in every part of our lives.

Without an active, watchful citizenry, government grows exponentially and takes on a life of its own. The people in power create government jobs for their friends and supporters as payback and to help them manage and direct our lives, including our economy. Soon, the free market system is at the mercy of politicians and it can no longer function as the engine of economic creativity and job creation. Unnatural limitations are imposed on economic growth, and we the people suffer financial hardship and loss of freedom. At this point, political power has been successfully taken from the people and it is now in the hands of the ruling class of politicians.

Watch these videos from

And this one …

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

President John F. Kennedy delivered those wise words in his Inaugural Speech. At the very least, President Kennedy would be a right-of-center Democrat today as compared to President Obama who is the most radical left-wing president in U.S. history. Kennedy understood why our political and economic systems work so much better than all others. Kennedy also described himself as, “An idealist with no illusions.”

I don’t know if Obama is an idealist but I am convinced that he wants to strip the United States of its super power status. I believe this conforms with his worldview in which no nation dominates any other. While this idea sounds noble on its face, given the realities of human nature and the history of mankind, it is simply one more fatuous notion that can only appeal to the uninformed or naive. Yet when proposed and aggressively sold to disillusioned masses by a masterful rhetorician, it can become a potentially dangerous idea. If in the late nineteen thirties all nations were essentially equal economically and militarily, who would have been able to stop Adolph Hitler from realizing his demonic vision of a world ruled by his “super race?” The Treaty of Versaille imposed clearly defined restrictions on Germany’s ability to rebuild militarily, yet they did it anyway.  Of course history is replete with similar examples.

To realistically imagine a world without a powerful United States, is to imagine a world dominated by Fascist regimes of one sort or another. Remember the Five Truths. Big Government is our enemy. Government of any size is a necessary evil. Know your history, be informed and involved, and stay free.

Aug 172012

Who Is Barack Obama?The Obama Miracles

No wonder Barack Obama doesn’t reflect the heart and soul of America

Who is Barack Obama? He’s been our president for almost four years, yet he remains a mystery to even the most astute among us. What little we do know tells us that his life has been extraordinarily different than the lives of typical Americans. To understand this is to understand who Barack Obama is and what he wants to do with America. The following video is not a hit piece. It is honest and forthright. It tells us at least some of the things we would have known four years ago if our media had done their job.

As noted in the video, one of the problems fair and concerned critics of Barack Obama have is a tendency of Obama supporters to accuse them of racism whenever they ask probing questions or mount rational arguments against Mr. Obama. It is an old and despicable tactic of the Left. By tainting the character of their opponents they hope to destroy their credibility and avoid having to confront the real issues. It is possibly the lowest form of political engagement and if we are to have any chance of becoming the best we can be as a nation, we must absolutely reject such tactics.

Of all people, our president should be an open book to us. We, nor the world, can afford to risk giving so much power to anyone who we really don’t know—and we really don’t know Barack Obama. So why did we elect someone we knew virtually nothing about? You can find the answer to that in How Obama Got Elected and The Presidential Election Of 2008. I encourage you to read them because we must not make the same mistakes in 2012 that we made in 2008.