Nov 282016
Hillary Clinton

Say goodbye Hillary. PLEASE!

Is it fair to call them phony Democrats? Well yes because once again Democrats have proven themselves to be as phony as a nine dollar bill. For months they warned us that if Trump lost, Trump supporters would riot in the streets. Well guess what? Hillary lost and Hillary supporters are rioting in the streets! And it doesn’t stop there; public schools run by liberal Democrats are allowing students to leave their classrooms to protest the election of Donald Trump. Among other things, students have blocked traffic preventing hard-working Americans from going to and from their places of work. Both groups are acting like nasty, spoiled, petulant children. If anyone is surprised by this behavior, they haven’t been paying attention for, let’s see, about twenty years. It’s SOP for the left. Hence, they are phony Democrats.

But wait, there’s more: Hillary’s people have joined Jill Stein’s pursuit of a recount in three states. Yet it was Hillary and her left wing cohorts in the media that chastised Donald Trump for not definitively stating that he would accept the election results no matter what they were. And when Donald Trump brought up the issue of voter fraud during the campaign, Hillary Clinton and others on the left loudly and repeatedly insisted that there is no such thing as voter fraud in America. Yet now they say they are requesting a recount in order to maintain the integrity of our voting process by making certain that there has been no tampering with the votes. Wow! Really? Again, phony Democrats.

Are they embarrassed? Have they no shame? Of course not. Why should they? In their minds they are always right no matter what they do or say. Their profound sense of superiority is so absolute that any opposing views are, to them, not only heretical, they are pathetically stupid. They maintain this attitude even after one of the most far-reaching political defeats in U.S.  history. Not only did Democrats lose the presidency while Republicans maintained control of both houses of Congress, Republicans now control almost 2/3 of state governorships and state legislatures. Not since 1929 have Democrats experienced such a weak power deficit! How did this happen? Why did the voters reject them so overwhelmingly? Is it possible they have finally discovered that they are phony Democrats?

President-elect Trump will soon be our 45th president and I hope he keeps his promise to drain the swamp in Washington. Where to start? How about anything he can find with the Clinton name on it.

By MacPundit

Aug 042012

The Media Hide The Truth From The Public

Media BiasOne of the most remarkable things that distinguished Election 2008 from all other presidential elections was the media’s blatant policy of hiding the real history and past associations of a presidential candidate.

It is undeniable that if a Republican presidential candidate had even one association with a radical right-wing activist, he or she would not have become the Republican nominee. First, the Republican Party would not have allowed it and, second, the media would have launched a relentless campaign to destroy him or her, politically.

Yet, not only did the Democratic Party nominate a man who for over twenty years almost exclusively surrounded himself with extreme anti-American, radical activists, the American media were as determined to hide this truth from us as they would have been determined to reveal such associations if the candidate were a Republican. We may as well be living in a fascist country in which the media is strictly controlled by the political party in power. The result is the same.

For all who may object to this line of criticism, I can only wonder why. It is fact, not speculation that the media hide Obama associations along with virtually anything negative that could harm his presidency or his bid for reelection. If you think it is unfair or harmful in some way to report all the facts, then I suggest that you do not understand how our political system works. The health of our nation depends on an informed citizenry. Beginning with George Washington, our founders as well many leaders since then have warned of the consequences of an uninformed public. Politicians can manipulate ignorant people but not well informed people.

So the critical importance of an honest, professional media cannot be overstated. We depend on them to honestly and objectively inform us, yet to our detriment, far too many of them are nothing more than agenda-driven propagandists. All Americans should be outraged by this because their dishonesty endangers us all. It cuts into the very fabric of our constitutional republic and weakens the foundational principles upon which the survival of our nation depends. Today, they may favor the Left, yet tomorrow they may lean Right, so do you see the problem?

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Aug 032012

Why Does Obama Hide His Records?Who is this man?

It is unprecedented

The Obama school records are still sealed! So are his health records. Most if not all presidential candidates and presidents—directly or indirectly—make their school and health records available to the American people. Bush did, Kerry did, Gore did, and so on. Yet Barack Obama—a candidate and a president who has repeatedly told us how transparent he is—absolutely refuses to release his records. So the obvious question is: What Is President Obama Hiding?

Many have tried and all have failed.

Media reporters, journalists, political organizations, and more, have followed every lead and procedure in pursuit of Mr. Obama’s school and health records without success. His records are either missing entirely or they have been sealed by Obama’s lawyers. In either case, the result is the same: Our president does not want you to see them.

Let’s take a look …

Obama’s High School Records and SAT Scores

Barack Obama attended one of the best private high schools in Honolulu, Punahou School. He has refused to release a single transcript or his SAT scores to the public. Many citizens and media people have tried to get them and all have failed.

Financial aid and scholarship money

Candidate and President Obama has refused to release his financial aid and scholarship records for both Punahou School and Occidental College. His refusal has created an ongoing controversy, which suggests that Obama may have enrolled at Occidental College as a foreigner as opposed to a U.S. citizen in order to receive foreign student aid.

World Net Daily reports:

“In a legal action, handled largely by Gary Kreep of the U.S. Justice Foundation, officials at Occidental College were served with a demand to produce records concerning Barack Obama’s attendance there during the 1980s because they could document whether he was attending as a foreign national.”

When Mr. Kreep petitioned Occidental demanding the Obama records, Obama’s lawyers managed to have the petition thrown out. Hence, Obama’s Occidental College transcripts and financial records remain sealed. Then in 1991 when Obama’s literary agent published a booklet that listed Obama as having been “… born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii” the “foreign national” controversy was reignited. No wonder!

Obama’s Columbia University records plus thesis

Twenty year old Barack Obama transferred to Columbia University from Occidental College in 1981. Once again, many tried and all failed to obtain Obama’s records. As always, they were (and are) sealed. Here’s what the New York Sun had to say in September of 2008:

“The Obama campaign has refused to release his college transcript, despite an academic career that led him to Harvard Law School and, later, to a lecturing position at the University of Chicago. The shroud surrounding his experience at Columbia contrasts with that of other major party nominees since 2000, all whom have eventually released information about their college performance or seen it leaked to the public.”

  • Obama’s thesis on “Soviet Nuclear Disarmament” was and remains sealed.
  • Obama’s Harvard Law School Records were and remain sealed.
  • Obama’s LSAT scores were and remain sealed.

Obama’s Scholarly Articles at the University of Chicago

No scholarly articles by Barack Obama have been found even though he lectured at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004.

Obama’s Medical Records

Candidate Obama—now President Obama—has refused to release his medical records. In doing so he has broken a very long standing practice of presidential candidates and presidents. It’s simple: They release their medical records—that is, until now.

Obama’s Passport

A clear, fully visible passport of Barack Obama is yet to be released. An unclear, blurry version of it was released on the White House website in 2010.

President Obama's Passport Photo

See the passport article at

The most amazing thing of all

Of course it is remarkable on its face that our president blatantly hides these very common documents from us. But the most amazing thing of all is that he gets away with it! Millions of American citizens are so taken in by this man that they are in complete denial of the import and magnitude of his arrogance and his complete disregard for we the people. While he, essentially, says “Screw you.” – his followers say, “Oh what’s the big deal?” It is not only unprecedented, it is a sad commentary on our culture. Where are the grownups? Where is the Great Generation? We are in dangerous waters.

This story also points up the unusually high levels of political ignorance in America today. Many reliable post Election 2008 polls found that millions of Obama voters knew virtually nothing about our history, our system of government, our leaders, or current affairs in general. Of course that explains a lot. It was our first “American Idol Presidential Contest.” Now, three years and seven months later we are on the verge of economic collapse. Yet, ignorance is still alive and well. Far too many among us still don’t realize how alarming our situation is. For them, I will say this only once: Another four years of Barack Obama will most likely destroy the United States of America as we have known it for 236 years. Do you think that is hyperbole? Crazy? I wish it was but the state of our economy, debt, culture, political corruption, and lack of real leadership tells a different story. Barack Obama should never have been elected and the last four years of his presidency should convince all non-radical, informed voters that he must not be elected again.

See, “How Obama Got Elected

Do not listen to the far left propaganda when they tell you that anyone who opposes Obama is a racist. This is not a racial issue. I have fought against bigotry in all forms my entire life! This is an ideological issue. It is between what our founders designed—what has made us the most fair and the most successful nation in world history—a constitutional, small federal government republic, versus a big central government made up of powerful politicians who think they know more than we the people. It is an old story. It is exactly what our founders fought against. It is simple: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The more power we give our politicians, the more corrupt they will become. Believe it because history has proven it over and over again and Barack Obama is at the very least a big government politician. To think otherwise is naïve.

Final thoughts …

All Americans should demand the release of Barack Obama’s records. Whether some of you like to hear it or not, Barack Obama has a long history of deception—including his refusal to release his school and health records. You can find countless examples of it here on this website and we have not even scratched the surface. It is not hype. It is all well documented. Make no mistake, ignorance is our most dangerous enemy. I fully understand how hard it can be to accept the truth, but if we really care about our great country, we must face up to every truth about every one of our leaders and there is no better place to start than with our president.

Here is what the Washington Times had to say.

Final final thoughts …

People hide information about themselves because they don’t want others to know it. The reasons for their secrecy cannot be known for certain without having access to the information. If the reputation and character of the secretive person is important to other people, the mere fact of the secrecy becomes important. Moreover, the perceived significance of the hidden information grows the longer the information remains hidden. People then assume that the hidden information must be damaging or else it would be released.

During the 2004 presidential campaign, Senator John Kerry, the Democrat nominee, refused to release his college transcripts. His reasons for the secrecy became clear six months after he lost the election when, under continuing pressure, he finally released them.

Here’s the story:

The media and the Kerry campaign created a narrative that portrayed Kerry as a smart intellectual and his opponent, George W. Bush, as someone less than that—even dumb. It was an old Liberal, Saul Alinsky strategy: Attack the competency or character of your opponent instead of debating the issues. They had, unsuccessfully, used the same strategy against Ronald Reagan. It would fail against Bush as well. Even worse for Kerry, when his transcripts were made public six months after the election, they revealed that the “brilliant” John Kerry received four D’s in his freshman year alone, including (of all things) in his political science course! Yet Bush had received just one D during his four years at Yale and it was in Astronomy. Kerry’s response to inquiring reporters was, “I always told my Dad that D stood for distinction.” Right.

Yet, amazingly, Al Gore used the same strategy when he ran against Bush and, once again, it backfired. When Gore’s transcripts were released, it became painfully apparent to the Liberal intelligentsia that Bush had also outscored Gore! What did my mother used to say? Oh, yeah, “Some people never learn.”

NOTE: Obama supporters like to point out that, technically, the school records are not “sealed.” Apparently no court of law has officially sealed them. Of course this does not change the fact that the records are still confidential and unavailable to the public. Also, according to one source Mr. Obama did release a summary of his medical records in which his personal physician “… pronounced him to be in “excellent health …”

ANOTHER NOTE: I said earlier that George W. Bush had released his college records but according to reliable sources Mr. Bush did not release them; instead someone from within Yale University leaked them.

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Jul 282012

Don't re-elect ObamaWe really, honestly cannot afford to reelect Barack Obama!

After just 3 years and 7 months of Obamanomics we are on the verge of economic collapse. That’s not hyperbole my friends; it is the unavoidable truth. Forget about what he inherited. Reagan inherited a similar situation and he turned it into the longest peace-time continuous period of economic growth in U.S. history. Obamanomics has failed on a scale reminiscent of the 1930’s and if we don’t grow up, face the facts, and make some seriously mature decisions, America may never recover. (See Obama Economic Record)

I think it instructive to read the following. It was written as a cautionary tale during the 2008 Presidential Election.

Originally posted during the 2008 election campaign.

A worrisome opinion on our Presidential Election 2008:

So America, are we really going to do something incredibly self-destructive, like elect a radical politician from Chicago who is probably the least qualified presidential candidate ever?

Please forgive me for being just a tiny little bit concerned and for thinking that this would be the most irresponsible thing we could possibly do. In fact, it concerns me so much that I asked as many Barack Obama supporters as I could find to tell me why they would vote for him. Here is what they told me:

  • “He has a good voice.” Someone actually told me that!
  • “He’s a great speaker.” He almost always uses a teleprompter to deliver carefully constructed speeches.
  • “He is a good debater.” So why don’t we just have an “American Idol Debater Contest” and the winner gets to be Commander-In-Chief of the most powerful military force in the history of the world? Forget about silly things like experience and other foolish qualifications.
  • “I like what he says.” Since he has no record of significant accomplishment, why should we believe he will or can keep any promises he makes? (See: Obama’s Broken Promises. Now there is a record.)
  • “He’s black and it would be really good to have a black president.” Yes, it would be great, but how about a black president who is actually qualified to be president? There are many such men and women in our country right now, but Barack Obama is not one of them.

Look, I want to know as much about the candidates as I can. Yet, what every Obama supporter I spoke with left out was, “He is the most qualified candidate.” No one even mentioned it! So I asked some more questions:

  • Does it matter that he has not even finished his first term in the senate? (Answer: No.)
  • Does it matter that he has missed 306 votes and has spent most of his time in the senate running for president? (Answer: No.)
  • Do you care about his very real history of radical associations? (Answer: No.)
  • Does it matter that both Hillary Clinton and his running mate, Joe Biden, said that he is not qualified to be the President of the United States? (Answer: No.)

You get the idea. So what is going on here? Well, apparently, we have become an “American Idol” nation. (See: How Obama Got Elected.) Too many of us are acting like characters in a Hollywood movie instead of responsible citizens of the most precious nation in world history.

This is not complicated, folks. One candidate is eminently qualified to be president and the other is seriously unqualified. One candidate has spent most of his life fighting for political reform. The other candidate has no such record and has spent most of his short time in the senate making grandiose speeches full of promises in order to persuade you to make him the most powerful man in the world.

Come on America, we are not in a Hollywood movie and this is not an “American Idol” contest. Let’s get serious. Are we really going to do something incredibly self-destructive in presidential election 2008, like elect the least qualified presidential candidate ever?

That was then. Let’s get it right this time!