Nov 282016
Hillary Clinton

Say goodbye Hillary. PLEASE!

Is it fair to call them phony Democrats? Well yes because once again Democrats have proven themselves to be as phony as a nine dollar bill. For months they warned us that if Trump lost, Trump supporters would riot in the streets. Well guess what? Hillary lost and Hillary supporters are rioting in the streets! And it doesn’t stop there; public schools run by liberal Democrats are allowing students to leave their classrooms to protest the election of Donald Trump. Among other things, students have blocked traffic preventing hard-working Americans from going to and from their places of work. Both groups are acting like nasty, spoiled, petulant children. If anyone is surprised by this behavior, they haven’t been paying attention for, let’s see, about twenty years. It’s SOP for the left. Hence, they are phony Democrats.

But wait, there’s more: Hillary’s people have joined Jill Stein’s pursuit of a recount in three states. Yet it was Hillary and her left wing cohorts in the media that chastised Donald Trump for not definitively stating that he would accept the election results no matter what they were. And when Donald Trump brought up the issue of voter fraud during the campaign, Hillary Clinton and others on the left loudly and repeatedly insisted that there is no such thing as voter fraud in America. Yet now they say they are requesting a recount in order to maintain the integrity of our voting process by making certain that there has been no tampering with the votes. Wow! Really? Again, phony Democrats.

Are they embarrassed? Have they no shame? Of course not. Why should they? In their minds they are always right no matter what they do or say. Their profound sense of superiority is so absolute that any opposing views are, to them, not only heretical, they are pathetically stupid. They maintain this attitude even after one of the most far-reaching political defeats in U.S.  history. Not only did Democrats lose the presidency while Republicans maintained control of both houses of Congress, Republicans now control almost 2/3 of state governorships and state legislatures. Not since 1929 have Democrats experienced such a weak power deficit! How did this happen? Why did the voters reject them so overwhelmingly? Is it possible they have finally discovered that they are phony Democrats?

President-elect Trump will soon be our 45th president and I hope he keeps his promise to drain the swamp in Washington. Where to start? How about anything he can find with the Clinton name on it.

By MacPundit

Nov 072016

Need you ask? Really?

Hillary Clinton

She can’t help herself. Lying is simply a part of who she is.

I just watched a bunch of Hollywood celebs trashing Donald Trump with outrageously false statements about him. These are the same people who told us how great Barack Obama was and to get out there and vote for him. Eight years later we have:

  • A seriously more dangerous world: Because of Obama/Clinton policies Russia and China are expanding their influence throughout the world without restraint, ISIS, which Obama called a “junior varsity” operation, is now in over 30 countries, and radical Islamist terrorism has been unleashed around the globe.
  • A staggering national debt — Obama doubled it adding more debt than all previous presidents combined. Every man, woman, and child now owes over $60,000 as their portion of our debt.
  • An economy headed for a major collapse: 1) We now have 48 million Americans on food stamps. 2) A record level of Americans below the poverty level. 3) The lowest labor participation rate in decades. 4) The cost of living is up while worker wages are down. 5) 70,000 factories have closed since President Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law.
  • Our southern border continues to be dangerously porous and our immigration laws continue to be ignored.
  • Obamacare is a monumental disaster and if left in place it will destroy our economy.
  • Law and order is collapsing. Our police are being assassinated and more people are being murdered in our inner cities than U.S. troop loses in the Middle East.
  • Our citizens are divided due to Obama/Clinton identity politics in which they pit groups of Americans against each other in order to get votes.

These actors are people who make their living by pretending to be someone or something they are not. They don’t know the first thing about how our economy works, how our constitutional republic works, or for that matter, how the world works. If I had them on a debate stage it would take me about five minutes to expose them as the naive, vacuous, ignorant, intellectual midgets they are. But of course that will never happen because they never allow themselves to be questioned by anyone.

About 70% of Americans believe that our country is headed in the wrong direction, and no wonder; by all honest and fair standards Obama’s presidency has seriously weakened our country on all fronts – the economy, national security, governmental corruption, and much more. This is not hyperbole; it is based on hard facts. So why would anyone want to continue the same destructive policies for another four years? Yet this is exactly what we will get if Hillary Clinton is elected. In fact, it will get worse. Not only does she want open borders (she said it is her dream) but she also wants to stack the Supreme Court with justices who will actively promote liberal/socialist policies even more extensive than the ones that are destroying our country right now.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is orchestrated, contrived; it is what the Clintons always do; it is their MO. This is why she avoided honest, open press conferences for almost an entire year. Her campaign is a tightly controlled production. The result is that we rarely get to see who she really is. But when we do it can be extraordinarily revealing. For example, she trashed millions of Americans by calling them deplorable and unredeemable. As though that was not enough she added words like racists, xenophobes, and other undeserved malicious labels. Does she really expect to heal the country and bring us together this way? Of course that is a rhetorical question. Her intention; her unerring passion and goal is to become the first female president of the United States of America. It’s not about us, we the people, it’s about her and it always has been. She has lied to us for her entire adult life. We literally cannot trust a word she utters. She is also dangerously corrupt. In order to hide her emails from us she used a private server, which was against the law, and when she was caught she did everything in her power to delete them from her server even after she was ordered to preserve them. Yet they were not her emails in the first place; they were ours; they belonged to us!

The FBI called her behavior “extremely careless” and has confirmed that there is a 99% probability that her personal server was hacked by at least 5 outside entities. This means that our enemies most likely got hundreds of highly classified U.S. secrets! They also confirmed that she lied repeatedly to us and to Congress. In addition, she and her husband, Bill Clinton, are still under criminal investigation for their Foundation work. But as though that is not enough to disqualify her, WikiLeaks has revealed massive corruption within The Democratic Party, the media, and of course the Clintons. This is unprecedented in US history. Never before have we had such a dishonest and corrupt candidate for the presidency!

Yes, we have two imperfect candidates, but one is far more dangerous than the other. Hillary Clinton will not only continue the disastrous policies of Barack Obama, she will double down on them. To think otherwise is extraordinarily naïve and perhaps ignorant.

I don’t know if Donald Trump can accomplish all that he says he wants to do. But what he says he wants to do are things that we must do if we are to survive as the greatest nation in world history. Yes, I’m voting for Trump. And all things considered, it is an easy choice.

By MacPundit

Oct 092016

Political hypocrisy, ignorance, dishonesty, and stupidity in American politics

It was just revealed that eleven years ago the showbiz iteration of Donald Trump said some things that men all over the world have been saying for, let’s see, thousands of years, and Americans, especially Democrats, are shocked. But don’t get the smelling salts; get the truth serum!

While I understand and agree that Mr. Trump’s words were not what we want to hear from a presidential candidate, the fact is that they pale in comparison to the actual transgressions against women by the serial female abuser, President William Clinton.

Yet the people who now condemn Mr. Trump’s words are the same people who dismissed Bill Clinton’s deplorable acts against women. They tell us that Mr. Trump is unfit to be president of the United States because of words he spoke in private over a decade ago. Just think about that for a few moments: A long list of very credible women accused our then president, Bill Clinton, of gross anti-women abuse, including rape. In fact, President Clinton paid at least one of these women, Paula Jones, almost $1 million to essentially get lost. Feminists, feminist organizations like NOW, and the left-wing media simply looked the other way and accused Republicans of mounting a witch hunt.

As though President Clinton’s history of gross abuse of women was not enough to disqualify a sitting president in the minds of these dishonest left-wing hypocrites, it was then revealed that our president was having sexual relations in the White House with Monica Lewinsky, one of his young female interns. Our president was using the power we the people gave him to barter for sexual favors from a starry-eyed young woman and he received those favors in our White House—in and about the Oval Office! Yet once again in a truly amazing display of blatant hypocrisy, the feminists, Democrats, and the left-wing media either looked the other way or accused Republicans of a engaging in a political witch hunt.

At the risk of overburdening an already heavy, yet cogent, point, I’ll throw in President John F. Kennedy just because I can. Not only did his fellow Democrats and their friends in the media hide President Kennedy’s extraordinarily robust philandering, they actually created an alternate reality story about John and Jackie, which they called Camelot. It was quite remarkable. Kennedy was fond of saying that he needed sex at least four times a day in order to function properly. The thing is; most of his needs were not fulfilled with his Queen of Camelot, Jackie Kennedy, but with other women—including Marilyn Monroe. I’m not judging the man (the truth is I liked him), I’m just stating the facts and Camelot it was not. While I’m at it let me pose an obvious question: What do you think you would hear if someone had recorded President John Kennedy in private conversations with his buddies about the countless women he slept with or wanted to sleep with? There’s a little reality check for you.

A few more things to think about

When confronted with his undeniable gross abuse of women while he was in the White House, President Clinton not only denied it, he lied under oath and was subsequently impeached and disbarred.

When confronted with his words of 11 years ago, Mr. Trump acknowledged his indiscretion, owned his words, apologized, and promised the American people that he would never behave that way again.

In other words, Clinton weaseled out and Trump manned up.

When confronted with her husband’s gross abuse of women, Hillary Clinton viciously attacked her husband’s victims and labeled them with any number of demeaning words.

Hillary trashed her husband's victims.

When confronted with her husband’s unsavory words, Melania Trump said the following:

“The words my husband used are unacceptable and offensive to me. This does not represent the man that I know. He has the heart and mind of a leader. I hope people will accept his apology, as I have, and focus on the important issues facing our nation and the world.”

In other words, Hillary Clinton revealed her lack of character and rather than acknowledging her husband’s gross abuse of women, she trashed the women he had abused. Compare that to Melania Trump’s honest and humble response.

So that’s what is going on inside the madhouse of American politics. Now they say that because of Trump’s words he is unfit to be president of the United States. So some raunchy locker room banter is worse than actual physical and psychological abuse of women? And Bill Clinton is still regarded as one of the most popular politicians in our country! Really?

We should all agree that we have two imperfect presidential candidates. But this article is about political hypocrisy and media bias. You are being conned. The media and the establishment powers in both political parties are very afraid of Donald Trump. He is a threat to their power. He is a change agent who says he wants to clean up the mess in Washington—the mess made by the corrupt politicians who have slowly but surely taken away the power invested in we the people by our founders as set forth in our Constitution. Hillary Clinton is one of those politicians.

Our country is in deep trouble. We are almost $20 trillion in debt, our federal government is riddled with corruption, and terrorism has spread throughout the world, including right here at home. We have had eight years of weak leadership during which the policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have made the world significantly more dangerous. Friendly foreign countries no longer respect or trust us and our enemies no longer fear us. In virtually every poll almost 70 percent of the American people say we are headed in the wrong direction. We have two choices: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. That’s it. That is our reality. Maybe we should give Donald Trump a chance. If we don’t, we can be sure that nothing will change; in fact, things will only get worse.

By MacPundit