Nov 182012

By MacPundit

Bye Bye Miss American Pie

The day the music died …Out of Order

Twelve long days have passed since the re-election of Barack Obama. Since then I have started to write a new post about the election at least five separate times. I didn’t finish any of them and instead of finishing this one I have chosen to share someone else’s post with you. The author was able to say what I’ve been thinking and feeling better than I can right now. Billy, an old boyhood friend of mine and retired Air Force career man, sent the post to me. It is from a blog entitled Casual Sundays With Mr. Curry. Continue reading »

Nov 012012

By MacPundit

Electing Barack Obama Was A Serious MistakeFour more years of Obama could destroy America beyond repair.

The fact that Election 2008 was a serious mistake is clear to all honestly informed observers. What is important is that we do not repeat it.

By now the same honestly informed observers at least suspect that President Obama is the most dishonest president in U.S. history. This website alone has documented more than 160 untruthful statements made by Mr. Obama. You can also find 80 solidly documented broken promises here, which may be a record. Add incompetence and radicalism to his dishonesty and we can easily see why his presidency has been such a disaster. But we elected the most unqualified candidate in U.S. history. So what did we expect?

The election of Barack Obama was a fluke.

I believe that honest historians will view the election of Barack Obama as an aberration, a fluke. They will describe a time in which many Americans—especially the youth and the ideologues—had become so politically ignorant, so socially shallow, or so politically rigid that they were unable to grasp the seriousness of a presidential election. Instead they were enticed by the notion of electing our first Black president and by the seductive rhetorical skills of Barack Obama. It was a popularity contest, an exercise in superficiality—a perfect environment for an accomplished demagogue.

Of course what is done is done and it will take many years to reverse the damage that has been inflicted upon us by Mr. Obama’s radicalism and mismanagement. As a result of the unprecedented amount of debt he has placed on us, we are now facing economic Armageddon. Our standing in the world has suffered as well. Simply put: We are no longer viewed as Great America. In fact, more than one world leader has referred to President Obama as being an amateur or naïve, among other unflattering descriptors.

No more mistakes please!

We simply cannot afford another four years of Barack Obama. If anyone reading this does not fully understand the seriousness of our current situation then please spend some time on this website. The facts are here. This is not a Republican or Democratic problem. It is a national problem and in five short days we absolutely must get it right. It is not an exaggeration to say that our nation is in deep trouble and we are running out of time.

A Time For Wisdom

Regardless of what Barack Obama tells us, the truth is that all things considered, we are far worse off than we were four years ago. And as someone correctly said, “To re-elect Barack Obama would be like the Titanic intentionally backing up to hit another iceburg.”

Jul 282012

Don't re-elect ObamaWe really, honestly cannot afford to reelect Barack Obama!

After just 3 years and 7 months of Obamanomics we are on the verge of economic collapse. That’s not hyperbole my friends; it is the unavoidable truth. Forget about what he inherited. Reagan inherited a similar situation and he turned it into the longest peace-time continuous period of economic growth in U.S. history. Obamanomics has failed on a scale reminiscent of the 1930’s and if we don’t grow up, face the facts, and make some seriously mature decisions, America may never recover. (See Obama Economic Record)

I think it instructive to read the following. It was written as a cautionary tale during the 2008 Presidential Election.

Originally posted during the 2008 election campaign.

A worrisome opinion on our Presidential Election 2008:

So America, are we really going to do something incredibly self-destructive, like elect a radical politician from Chicago who is probably the least qualified presidential candidate ever?

Please forgive me for being just a tiny little bit concerned and for thinking that this would be the most irresponsible thing we could possibly do. In fact, it concerns me so much that I asked as many Barack Obama supporters as I could find to tell me why they would vote for him. Here is what they told me:

  • “He has a good voice.” Someone actually told me that!
  • “He’s a great speaker.” He almost always uses a teleprompter to deliver carefully constructed speeches.
  • “He is a good debater.” So why don’t we just have an “American Idol Debater Contest” and the winner gets to be Commander-In-Chief of the most powerful military force in the history of the world? Forget about silly things like experience and other foolish qualifications.
  • “I like what he says.” Since he has no record of significant accomplishment, why should we believe he will or can keep any promises he makes? (See: Obama’s Broken Promises. Now there is a record.)
  • “He’s black and it would be really good to have a black president.” Yes, it would be great, but how about a black president who is actually qualified to be president? There are many such men and women in our country right now, but Barack Obama is not one of them.

Look, I want to know as much about the candidates as I can. Yet, what every Obama supporter I spoke with left out was, “He is the most qualified candidate.” No one even mentioned it! So I asked some more questions:

  • Does it matter that he has not even finished his first term in the senate? (Answer: No.)
  • Does it matter that he has missed 306 votes and has spent most of his time in the senate running for president? (Answer: No.)
  • Do you care about his very real history of radical associations? (Answer: No.)
  • Does it matter that both Hillary Clinton and his running mate, Joe Biden, said that he is not qualified to be the President of the United States? (Answer: No.)

You get the idea. So what is going on here? Well, apparently, we have become an “American Idol” nation. (See: How Obama Got Elected.) Too many of us are acting like characters in a Hollywood movie instead of responsible citizens of the most precious nation in world history.

This is not complicated, folks. One candidate is eminently qualified to be president and the other is seriously unqualified. One candidate has spent most of his life fighting for political reform. The other candidate has no such record and has spent most of his short time in the senate making grandiose speeches full of promises in order to persuade you to make him the most powerful man in the world.

Come on America, we are not in a Hollywood movie and this is not an “American Idol” contest. Let’s get serious. Are we really going to do something incredibly self-destructive in presidential election 2008, like elect the least qualified presidential candidate ever?

That was then. Let’s get it right this time!