Mar 232013

By MacPundit

The Face of Deceit

The Face of Deceit

The audacity of mendacity

It’s not hyperbole. It’s not Internet trash talk. It’s simple, old-fashioned fact: We cannot believe President Obama. This is a given for those of us who have paid attention for the past 5 years. Your fearless seeker of truth, your devoted blogger—yours truly—has been reporting on Mr. Obama’s astonishingly persistent record of mendacious behavior for what seems like an eternity. It seems that long because until now at least half of the country has had little to no interest in the notion that their president is a remarkably dishonest man. Some even describe him as a remarkably accomplished liar, which of course is to say the same thing but with a refreshingly common voice. Fearless honesty comes to mind.

Maybe, just maybe, things are beginning to change. Maybe Mr. Obama’s deceit is becoming ever-so-slightly visible to some of the media hacks who until now have been functionally blind to it. It is a big maybe, though. You see, Mr. Obama has a super human ability to get away with things that most of us mere mortals (with a conscience) would not want any part of. If Bill Clinton is “Slick Willy” and John Gotti was “The Teflon Don”, what’s left for Mr. Obama? Slick Willy headed the list of the most dishonest presidents until Barack Obama showed up and took the lead running away. Obama is the absolutely unchallenged champ. It’s a blowout. So what do we call him? “Barry The Dodge?” Continue reading »