Aug 072016

I know who Hillary Clinton is so I will never vote for her. That leaves you. But because I am a real card-carrying patriot your denigration of John McCain and others has seriously hurt my ability to think of you as our Commander-In-Chief.

I know how fortunate I am to have been born and raised in the greatest country in human history and how profoundly important it is to elect good, solid, capable people to lead us — especially our president. But for the first time in 63 years I may not vote. If I do, I will vote for you. But it will be a vote against Hillary Clinton and I will hold my nose when I vote.

The truth is I have been disgusted with both parties for a long time. For decades I’ve watched them run up our debt at the expense of hard working men and women. Far too many of them are corrupt, self-serving professional politicians whose only purpose is to get reelected and to leave office much richer than when they arrived. I hoped for a day of reckoning when a strong and capable outsider would rise to the challenge and bring real change to Washington. But it has never happened.

Millions of Americans thought Barack Obama was the one, though I never did and I was right. Now, millions of Americans think you are the one, though I’m not one of them. Of course unless you make some changes to your public persona and show us that you truly care about we the people instead of yourself — the great Donald J. Trump — I don’t think we will ever know if I am right or wrong about you because I don’t think you will be elected.

So here’s the deal: You still have time to convince me and the millions of other Americans who are still open minded enough to listen to you. You need to convince us that you can do the job — that you really do care about the future of our country and that you have the skills, the wisdom, and the character to lead us out of the mess we are in and that you can restore the founding principles that made us great in the first place. This includes a healthy free market economy; a small yet smart government; adherence to our laws, including immigration laws; peace through strength; and a Supreme Court that simply and honestly interprets the Constitution.

Finally, grow a thick skin and get some good fact checkers. You should answer important false charges against you, but do it with class and with hard facts. Otherwise, dismiss petty criticisms and move on. Remember, the larger issue should be what is best for our country. That should always be held above your own personal feelings. If you convince me that you are sincerely running for the office of President of the United States of America because you love your country and because you will work tirelessly to Make America Great Again you will get my vote. (And show some humility and compassion while you’re at it.)

Jul 072015

Many Democrats claim that Republicans and Democrats Switched On Racism

By MacPundit

The true history of US Civil Rights is well documented. Beginning in 1854 to the present—a period of 161 years—the Republican Party has been the single, most powerful activist group against racism and for civil rights in America. This is not my opinion, it is historical fact. What is also historical fact is that the Democratic Party opposed virtually all Republican civil rights legislation from 1854 onward. Even worse, their opposition manifested in some of the most vicious, evil, pro-slavery, anti-Black, anti-women, and anti-Native American behavior imaginable.

Yet when confronted with their horrendous civil rights history Democrats now claim that Republicans and Democrats switched on racism and civil rights—that the Democratic Party shed their 100+ year history of anti-Black, anti-women, pro-White policies and that Republicans decided to completely reject their core pro-civil rights principles to suddenly become racist, anti-women bigots. In other words, regarding civil rights, they say the two parties flipped.

Is this true?

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Jun 262015

By MacPundit

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” Soren Kierkegaard

Whatever your political association, as an American citizen, you must know that if we hope to realize the dreams, which we espouse as a nation of free people, we must know what is true and what is not. If we the people are not informed and armed with the truth, we will make fatefully wrong decisions and our nation will fail.

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men and women are afraid of the light.”

You are about to learn some very troubling truths about the biggest political scam in US History and the true history of US Civil Rights. Continue reading »

Jun 152015
The following article is the verbatim text of an email I received. I have not been able to confirm the source. However, because I agree that President Obama has weakened our military, I am posting it without further inquiry. As always, if a reader finds inaccuracies, please describe them in the comment section and I will make any and all appropriate corrections.

The Emasculated Military

Warrior leaders of General Patton’s or General LeMay’s stature are no longer wanted. The fundamental job of the military, “kill bad people and break their things,” has become seriously hampered critically now by “rules of engagement” who’s guiding logic is political, not successful, combat. If the US military is ever defeated, it will be because it is running the best Day Care centers in the world. We used to go to the Officers Club or NCO Club Stag Bar on Friday evenings to have a drink, smoke, and swap lies with our comrades.

Having a drink with friends is now frowned on. Smoking causes cancer and could “harm you.” Bars are seen as ‘sexist.’ Our personnel have quit patronizing their clubs because what happens in the club is now fodder for a performance report. In fact, now we don’t have separate clubs for the ranks. Instead we have something called “All Ranks Clubs” or “Community Clubs.” They’re open to men and women of all ranks. But no one is there.  I wonder why. Continue reading »