Nov 172014

Jonathan Gruber says they had to lie to the stupid Jonathan GruberAmerican voters.

Jonathan Holmes Gruber is a professor of economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is also the director of the Health Care Program at the National Bureau of Economic Research. Despite what some Democrats would now like you to believe, he was a key architect of the Affordable Care Act, also known as "Obamacare." But who he was and who he is now are two entirely different things. Now, because of his unprecedented revelations, he is persona non grata to the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party.

So what has he done to create such a furor? In video 1 we can watch Professor Gruber himself for that answer. Then be sure to watch what Charles Krauthammer had to say about it in video 2.

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This is just one of many revealing Jonathan Gruber videos and, frankly, I can't think of any good reason to show anymore of them. Personally, I can hardly stomach this one. It's not that anything he said is new news; millions of Americans already know that the process to get Obamacare passed was perhaps the most corrupt of any major legislation in U.S. History. And let's not forget that President Obama's absolute promise that "If you like your healthcare plan you can keep it." – was a blatant lie, which he repeated almost 40 times!

But what is new is that Professor Gruber said it at all—and then repeated it multiple times while being videotaped. You know, I am tempted to say that he made an unforgivable political mistake by inadvertently telling the truth, but I think that is incorrect. I think he thinks he is the smartest head in the game and he simply loves to tell the world how he fleeced everyone for their own good. But then deception and arrogance are common traits among our current gang of Washington Liberals. And it all trickles down from the top—Mr. Hubris himself, Barack Obama.

President Obama, members of his administration, and his political operatives are a pack of shameful liars. That is not a matter of opinion, it is indeed a fact. It is well documented on this website and elsewhere. Jonathan Gruber’s recently exposed revelations are simply one more confirmation of that fact. As Jonathan Gruber so brutally made clear, they had to lie to us about the true nature of Obamacare in order to get it passed because we the people are too stupid to understand what’s good for us. As though that weren’t enough, in one of his videos Professor Gruber also said that Americans are too dumb to understand economics. To that, I refer you to this article: Liberal Ignorance—Economics. Believe me, it’s worth a read.

Listen, dear people, Obama and his legion of leftwing misfits have failed. Please pardon my all too obvious cliché, but the fat lady has sung and they have not yet heard her. Indeed, they may never hear her because they seem to have three mouths, no ears, and pre-programmed brains.

A few weeks ago, on November 4, we the people—the very same people that the professor called stupid—made some very big political changes. We told liberal Democrats to get out of our capitols and go home—and we would have sent the president home too if we could have. We told our president, the majority leader of the Senate, state governors, and state legislatures all across the nation that we don’t like their kind of big government. Who’s stupid now?


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