May 082012

What did he just say?

Obama Makes Suckers Out Of FollowersI am forever puzzled at those who rigidly defend Mr. Obama even when confronted with irrefutable evidence of his inconsistencies and dishonesty. The Barack Obama videos below present evidence in his own words – words that are at times so blatantly contradictory that one finds it difficult to stifle a “What did he just say?” It isn’t personal, it is simply what it is.

On “Obama Care” and transparency.

Mr. Obama promised transparency about the debate and legislative process for “Obama Care.” But despite what he so loudly and repeatedly promised, it all happened behind closed doors. Moreover, it was one of the most disgraceful and corrupt examples of political bullying in U.S. history. While the majority of Americans opposed the bill (they still do) President Obama and the Democrats who controlled both houses of Congress jammed it down our throats.

Did you notice the little clip of President John F. Kennedy? It was from his Inaugural Speech. He said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.” He was a Democrat too but he would not recognize the Obama Democratic Party because it has been taken over by radical left-wing liberals led by Barack Obama. Their message is very clear: “Ask what your government can give to you.” Do not be fooled, it is how they buy your votes. President Kennedy knew what made America great. President Obama either doesn’t know, doesn’t care, or he knows exactly what he is doing and wants to transform America into a European-style Socialist country. Whatever the reason, his policies are literally destroying our nation; they are making us weak and vulnerable. They are doing what our enemies were not able to do in 236 years.

Not only did he and Congressional Democrats do their work behind closed doors, President Obama did not put the bills online or anywhere else for 5 days before he signed them. It was all empty rhetoric, or as most of us average folks would say—they were all a bunch of lies.

He said he would cut the deficit in half in his first term

More broken promises and lies …

He lies about his oil policies …

His Health Care lies …

“Evolving” (flip flopping) on gay marriage …

  • 1996: He was for gay marriage. (Democrats call that fully evolved)
  • 1998: He was undecided. (Oops, he’s devolving)
  • 2004: He was opposed to gay marriage. (Uh oh, he is fully devolved)
  • 2008: He was still opposed to it. (Whoa, still fully devolved)
  • 2012: He is now for it again. (Wow, fully evolved again)
  • Stay tuned …

More dishonesty ….

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