Aug 142012

Barack Obama, All That Glitters …

Barack Obama - Fool's GoldIron pyrite is often mistaken for gold. History is speckled with stories of prospectors whose initial feverish excitement over having discovered gold was soon dispelled by the realization that their “gold” was instead iron pyrite, a convincing lookalike. So this “less special” mineral was ignominiously tagged with the name “Fools’ Gold.”

“I felt this thrill going up my leg.”

Adoring believers were ecstatic when he spoke—breathlessly hanging on to his every word. They cheered and swooned, their faces masked with the unnerving look of idolization—of blind fanaticism that our elders had seen in Europe and the Far East seventy years before. Media commentators fawned over him. Chris Mathews, a top MSNBC news anchor said, “I felt this thrill going up my leg” when he spoke. The most successful woman in the history of American television announced to the world that “He is the One.” – thereby classifying him as a being unlike the rest of us—more than a mere mortal. He was the Messiah or at the very least, Neo from the movie The Matrix.

Bestselling author, Bernard Goldberg, wrote a book entitled, A Slobbering Love Affair about this unprecedented, American phenomenon. He said,

From the day [he] announced his candidacy to the moment he took the oath of office, the mainstream media fawned over him like love-struck school girls. Even worse, this time they went beyond media bias to media activism.”

Journalism in America had died, but not of natural causes. For all practical purposes, its left-wing, so-called mainstream journalists committed ethical suicide when they hid their bags of professional ethics away in inaccessible dark corners of their politically corrupt newsrooms. Objective observers who knew better imagined hearing the earth shake and shudder from the groans of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and other founders whose worst fears were manifesting in the person of Barack Obama.

Ideologues, starstruck youth, apologists, and ignorance

His starstruck supporters were:

  • an eclectic mix of rabid Liberal Democrats (many left over from the loud dissemblers of the Sixties)
  • politically and historically ignorant youth who had been shaped by a superficial culture that elevates and esteems the cult of celebrity, and others whose singular accomplishment was to become famous
  • white apologists for past national wrongs who thought the election of a Black president would somehow publicly affirm America’s penance and mitigate their personal, nagging, misappropriated sense of guilt
  • almost the entire bloc of African American voters
  • plus other uninformed and misinformed ignorant Americans who were easily swayed by a disarming smile and populist, demagogic rhetoric slickly delivered by a silver-tongued politician.

Post election surveys revealed the full measure of the naivete and ignorance of Obama voters. Liberal to moderate Democrats who at least had an inkling of Mr. Obama’s extreme radical background and his woefully inadequate resume, simply deflected all rational considerations and joined the fervor to elect America’s first Black president. Others acted like college freshmen who had just ingested one more serving of stale Marxist pablum served up by their favorite anti-capitalist professor.

When asked why they voted for Barack Obama their answers were often childish, remarkably inane—dumb: “It would be nice to have a black president.” “He is a great speaker.” Without hesitation, when asked a series of rational, fair, important questions such as “Does his inexperience concern you?” – “Do his long-standing radical associations trouble you?” – “Is the fact that he has not even completed his first term in the U.S. Senate a problem for you?” or “Can you name one significant legislative accomplishment of his?” the answer was “No” every time. Even many informed voters simply ignored their normal tendencies to rational thought, went into denial mode and voted for Barack Obama.

The mask comes off

It was unprecedented. It was astonishing. Now, three years and seven months later, it is clear to all objective, knowledgeable Americans, that it was also rankly irresponsible. By now, it is demonstrably clear that President Obama is at the very least a statist, an advocate of statism—the principle or policy of concentrating extensive economic, political, and related controls in the state at the cost of individual liberty. Many political observers will take issue with that analysis and argue that Mr. Obama is a closet Socialist or even a more ambitious Marxist. They base this on his lifelong associations, which have yet to be aggressively vetted or made public by the “mainstream media.” Thus, a large portion of the American public remain unaware of our president’s history—his political beliefs and purposes.

Yet even as these corrupt journalists continue to shield and protect Mr. Obama, we are beginning to see credible signs of disenchantment among some. Occasionally, their questions to Mr. Obama are more pointed, more aggressive than before, which may explain why the President has not held a formal news conference in months. Most of the fawning has subsided. Two honest, well-documented, bestselling books about Barack Obama— Radical In Chief, by Stanley Kurtz and The Amateur, by Edward Klein—finally portray a true picture of our 44th president. Still, the media continue to be egregiously biased and to give us unbalanced news and commentary. Therefore, it looks like we are in for another presidential campaign in which Mr. Obama will have an unfair and undeserved advantage over his opponent.

All that glitters is not gold

So after almost four years of failed Obama policies marked by the worst economic recovery in seventy years—massive, unsustainable debt, unemployment over 8 percent for over three years, continuing deficits over a $trillion with no end in sight—the Obama believers cannot seem to accept that what they “discovered” four years ago was the political equivalent of Fools’ Gold!

What do you think? We want to know.