Jan 132015

President Obama was a no-show in Paris and he disgraced us all.

Incredibly, President Obama was a no-show in Paris during an historical show of world unity. The streets of Paris were filled with what some said was the largest assembly of people in Paris since its liberation from Nazi Germany in 1944. Others suggested it was the largest mass of humanity in that city’s history. Over forty world leaders joined more than two million protesters to express their defiance against the continuing barbaric actions of Islamic terrorists.

There they were—Germany’s Prime Minister, the President of France, the brave Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the King and Queen of Jordan, England’s Prime Minister, the President of Mali, the Palestinian President, and over thirty more world leaders marching arm in arm proclaiming “Enough is enough! Evil shall not triumph!”

It was truly remarkable—a unique moment in the history of mankind. Yet it was even more remarkable because the leader of the most powerful nation in the world—the de facto leader of the free world—was a no-show. Yes, it’s true, our president, Barack Obama was not there. Millions of Americans felt ashamed by his absence.

The so-called mainstream media, some of the same people who for six years had been Mr. Obama’s apologists, expressed their distaste and sense of deep disappointment for his decision to avoid the Paris event. A CNN headline read: “Where was Obama?” The cover of the New York Daily News declared: “You let the world down.” On camera, Jake Tapper opined: “I say this as an American — not as a journalist, not as a representative of CNN — but as an American: I was ashamed.”

Colonel Allen West’s words were representative of the condemnation from the right.

“As I watched the world leaders gathered in Paris yesterday there was a glaring absence. President Obama used Air Force One to fly to Knoxville to announce free Community College education. I guess that policy far outweighs an act of global unity against Islamo-fascism, jihadism, and terrorism. Needless to say this evidences the priorities of B. Hussein Obama. If Obama was too busy, then perhaps the Vice President or Secretary of State could have attended the event, heck Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas made the trip.

The White House insisted that the President’s decision to not attend the rally was based on security issues, yet Ed Henry of Fox News reported that a high official at the Secret Service told him that the Obama Administration had never called them about the matter. Security? Who on this planet is a bigger target than Benjamin Netanyahu? Yet he was there, Mr. President.

As to other more plausible reasons, we can only speculate. Among the most obvious is Barack Obama’s close association with Islam in his youth and his apparent determination to not offend the practitioners of that religion. To this day, he and his administration refuse to identify Islamic terrorism as Islamic terrorism. While virtually all other free nations of the world call it what it is and the Islamic terrorists themselves tell us who and what they are, our president will not utter the words “Islamic terrorists.”

President Obama said, "I want the people of France to know that the United States stands with you today, stands with you tomorrow." Really? Would it not have been more accurate to say that while the people of the United States stand with you, I stand behind you … way behind you?

Nov 172014

Jonathan Gruber says they had to lie to the stupid Jonathan GruberAmerican voters.

Jonathan Holmes Gruber is a professor of economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is also the director of the Health Care Program at the National Bureau of Economic Research. Despite what some Democrats would now like you to believe, he was a key architect of the Affordable Care Act, also known as "Obamacare." But who he was and who he is now are two entirely different things. Now, because of his unprecedented revelations, he is persona non grata to the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party.

So what has he done to create such a furor? In video 1 we can watch Professor Gruber himself for that answer. Then be sure to watch what Charles Krauthammer had to say about it in video 2.

  • Jonathan Gruber Video 1
    • Jonathan Gruber Video 1

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  • Charles Krauthammer rips Jonathan Gruber
    • Charles Krauthammer rips Jonathan Gruber

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This is just one of many revealing Jonathan Gruber videos and, frankly, I can't think of any good reason to show anymore of them. Personally, I can hardly stomach this one. It's not that anything he said is new news; millions of Americans already know that the process to get Obamacare passed was perhaps the most corrupt of any major legislation in U.S. History. And let's not forget that President Obama's absolute promise that "If you like your healthcare plan you can keep it." – was a blatant lie, which he repeated almost 40 times!

But what is new is that Professor Gruber said it at all—and then repeated it multiple times while being videotaped. You know, I am tempted to say that he made an unforgivable political mistake by inadvertently telling the truth, but I think that is incorrect. I think he thinks he is the smartest head in the game and he simply loves to tell the world how he fleeced everyone for their own good. But then deception and arrogance are common traits among our current gang of Washington Liberals. And it all trickles down from the top—Mr. Hubris himself, Barack Obama.

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