Mar 072016

Remember what we were given.

Our founders gave us the greatest form of government in world history and an economic system that has enabled us to become the wealthiest and most powerful nation on Earth. For over two hundred years American citizens have enjoyed freedoms and rights that have been the envy of the world. Millions of people still flock to our shores with their dream of becoming U.S. citizens. While others have experimented with Communism, Socialism, and Fascism, and failed; we have fed more, housed more, and generally taken care of more people than any nation in the history of the human race. Our political and economic systems have enabled us to create and enjoy the highest standard of living ever seen on this planet. Even now, our poor are considered to be wealthy in many less fortunate countries.

But now we are in danger of losing it all

For far too long we have been electing politicians that have slowly but surely been transferring power from we the people to their selves. Big government Democrats are most guilty, but Republicans are not completely innocent. They have created a professional political class in which their main purpose has been the acquisition of power. They have been very successful and the result is that we now have a huge federal government that is unmanageable, often corrupt, and unaccountable to the people. Yet instead of getting better, it has gone from bad to seriously worse.

In 2008 and 2012, thanks to an agenda-driven media and a woefully uninformed electorate, we elected an extreme left-wing demagogue to the highest office in the land. Need I ask how that has worked out? Now, thanks to a ratings-driven media and a woefully uninformed electorate, it looks like we’re about to nominate a dishonest, uber-narcissistic, crude bully of the worst kind! Where are you, Mr. Cronkite? Dear Greatest Generation, can you ever forgive us?

Have we learned nothing?

Are we so immature, so mindless and childish—so easily conned into believing the slickest snake oil salesman that comes along? Donald Trump is a con artist. Period. If you don’t know that, you are dangerously uninformed. He is a fraud. Want some other descriptors? How about fake, counterfeit, imposter, charlatan, swindler, braggart, and phony?

Listen carefully: Donald Trump is not a Democrat or a Republican. He is a “Trumpican.” It would also be accurate to call him a “Trumpicrat.” Yes it’s true; he has claimed to be both a Democrat and a Republican. Yet he has never really been either one. But what he has always been is a Trumpican/Trumpicrat. In other words, he has always been for one thing and one thing only—himself.

To all blue collar workers

To all of the blue collar workers who Trump says he loves; ask yourself this: When he brags about all the great hotels he has built, can you afford to stay in any of them—even one of them? For example, he brags about the hotel he’s building in Washington DC. He says it will be a super luxury hotel—only the best of everything. In other words, it will be for rich people, not for you or the workers who built it. It will be for the movers and shakers, the lobbyists and special interest power brokers—the very same people he is most comfortable with—the same people he has been making deals with for decades. But just like all of his other hotels, it won’t be for you. Oh yes, if he happens to hire American workers instead of illegal immigrant workers like he has done in some of his other hotels, he may hire some of you to build it but he won’t pay you enough money to actually stay in it. Do you understand?

Like you I am angry at our government—very angry.

Both political parties have let us down. But I don’t want our country to go from bad to worse. I don’t want to go from one fast-talking con artist to another. We simply cannot afford to keep making the same mistakes.

Our great nation is in deep trouble. The people we have elected to lead us have put us in such great debt that even with the most optimistic outlook it will take many years to recover. Income for the average American has gone down while the cost of living has gone up. Poverty levels have risen. We now have more people on food stamps than ever before. Millions of senior citizens struggle to make ends meet. We are no longer admired or respected by our friends or feared by our enemies. After decades of policies that kept the Middle East at least somewhat stable, that area of the world is now in total chaos and al Qaeda and ISIS now pose the greatest terrorist threat in world history. We can thank Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry for that. What makes matters even worse is that for the past seven years our president has pitted one group of Americans against another so that we are now a seriously divided nation.

There is good news!

With all of our problems, there is some good news. It is true that self-interested politicians have taken away a lot of our power. But we can still reset our nation’s course. Our Constitution is still intact and we the people still have enough power to take back what is rightfully ours.

We must elect an honest, capable president for 2016 — not a loud-mouthed conman — but someone who has a record of fighting establishment politicians and defending the Constitution. To do that we must put our country above party loyalties and personal prejudices and choose a candidate that is neither an old-school establishment politician nor a slick con artist. But time is running out. We must act now and be very smart about who we choose for our next president.

Jul 072015

Many Democrats claim that Republicans and Democrats Switched On Racism

By MacPundit

The true history of US Civil Rights is well documented. Beginning in 1854 to the present—a period of 161 years—the Republican Party has been the single, most powerful activist group against racism and for civil rights in America. This is not my opinion, it is historical fact. What is also historical fact is that the Democratic Party opposed virtually all Republican civil rights legislation from 1854 onward. Even worse, their opposition manifested in some of the most vicious, evil, pro-slavery, anti-Black, anti-women, and anti-Native American behavior imaginable.

Yet when confronted with their horrendous civil rights history Democrats now claim that Republicans and Democrats switched on racism and civil rights—that the Democratic Party shed their 100+ year history of anti-Black, anti-women, pro-White policies and that Republicans decided to completely reject their core pro-civil rights principles to suddenly become racist, anti-women bigots. In other words, regarding civil rights, they say the two parties flipped.

Is this true?

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Jul 052015

New CNN poll says Bush is now more popular than Obama

During President George W. Bush’s most difficult times, he was often asked what he thought about his low poll numbers. He consistently replied by saying that history would decide how well he did. And so it is.

According to the latest CNN/ORC poll, Bush is now more popular than Obama. As Obama’s approval ratings have continued to fall, Bush’s continue to climb. Overall, the May, 2015 poll produced a 52 percent favorable and 43 percent unfavorable rating for Bush while Americans were split favorable and unfavorable for Obama at 49 percent.

So what’s going on?

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Jun 262015

By MacPundit

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” Soren Kierkegaard

Whatever your political association, as an American citizen, you must know that if we hope to realize the dreams, which we espouse as a nation of free people, we must know what is true and what is not. If we the people are not informed and armed with the truth, we will make fatefully wrong decisions and our nation will fail.

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men and women are afraid of the light.”

You are about to learn some very troubling truths about the biggest political scam in US History and the true history of US Civil Rights. Continue reading »

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